Ok, I know I said

that the only rule was "Don't be a dick", but I know that's not going to stop people from... being a dick. So, here's a list of things that qualify towards being a dick.

Note: this is N O T a conclusive list. My, other mods' (if I make some), and the server playerbase's discression is the ultimate decider. If you're killing the fun of a server, stop or you will learn that your actions have consequences.

If there is anything else you think I should add here, please contact me. I want to make sure y'all can have fun, so if people keep trying to ruin you guys' fun in a consistent way, that should be cracked down upon.

Finally, I want to say one thing before I end this part of the MOTD: If you feel like I'm being the FUN POLICE with any of my moderation decisions, please let me know. Of course, there will be some things I might not budge on, but I am still open to constructive criticism. I want you guys to have fun. If I'm preventing you from having fun, that's a problem.

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